SMRFC hard fought Game

On Sunday the White side took on 1st place SMRFC.  This was a hard hitting battle. Both sides had multiple injuries due to the collisions and tackles. The Boys scored first whenVeteran John Watson picked the ball out of a ruck at the 10 meter and  punched in for the first try of the game at the 20 min mark. The conversion kick was good. In the early minutes of the second half SMRFC did the same, took the ball off the ruck and after a couple phases punched it in under the posts, they also made the conversion. The game would stay this way for 30 minutes. Both teams displayed great defense and it was a battle back and forth. The game appeared to be over with a tie according to multiple watches, but the referee let it go on for another 10 minutes. With the extra time  SMRFC was able to punch the game winner in and the Ref blew the whistle. Hats off to our boys and the stellar defence and heart shown. SMRFC also did a great job on stopping our boys at the Try line in the last 10 minutes of regular time.

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