End of Season & Holiday Party

This Saturday, November 17th, we will be having a Players meeting at Spencer’s house and an End of the Season Party at Colombo’s Bar & Tavern. The players meeting will start at 4PM and we will recap the Fall season and lay out the expectations for the Spring season. We will talk through off-season training, discuss recruiting, coaching, etc. This is not intended to be an event in which the Coaches and Board members telling you things, but is expected for you to also tell us your opinions. This will be your chance to give your feedback on how things are going so far. Spencer’s house is just down the street from Franz Park, http://goo.gl/maps/go4ZP. The theme is favorite 80s TV/Movie star, this is compulsory!! This is a team event, if you are not dressed accordingly not only will you be fined but it will cost you $20 instead of $10! Please RSVP as soon as you can by emailing Spencer back.

Immediately following the players meeting, the Kangaroo Court will begin (yet another opportunity for you to express any grievances from the season). In order to better provide for proper decorum, while the court is in session, the following International Drinking Rules will be in effect: 1) As gentlemen, we will address all court attendees by their surnames. You may not address anyone by their first name, nor any nicknames. 2) Since pointing is impolite, you may not point with either fingers, thumbs, or a hand at anyone at court. 3) As a safety concern, no vessel may be placed within two finger widths of the edge of any surface. 4) As gentlemen, you may not use such vulgar words as “drink” or “glass”. 5) In order to promote general cleanliness, no empty vessels may be placed upon any surface. 6) You may only consume beverages with your “off” hand in order to free up your dominate hand for communicative gestures. Failure to point out any rule infractions, is itself a rule infraction. All grievances brought to the courts attention will be heard so, start building your list of accusations.

The End of Season party will begin at 7:00PM (or as the court clears its docket) and is the last event of our First Annual Canned Food Drive. Be sure to tell your friends and family to come on out and get a drink and hang out. And ask them to bring a canned food to donate to the cause as we give back to our community.

Also next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, we’ll met at Columbo’s and toast in the Holiday Season in style. We’ll start around 2pm and go to whenever you run out of money or your wife/girlfriend calls. Hope to see you all there next week!

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