Fall Season Recap

The fall 2012 season turned into a very good season for the Bombers not as just a team, but as a club as well. All three sides had an amazing Fall season and the Bombers celebrated 50 years of being St. Louis’ Premiere Rugby Club.

The Bombers had a lot of the previous team returning with new additions from MIZZOU, California, and more from the St. Louis area. The DII side finished the season 3-1 in league play and move into first place in the West-Central division with 1 point over Tulsa and Omaha. The DIII side finished an impressive 4-1 in league play, a big improvement over last season. The DIII side saw a lot of the younger guys step up into playing on the men’s side.  The Bomber’s Academy faced a tough challenge this season and finished strong. Many of the Academy players will soon be leaving to play on their High School teams in the spring but we look forward to their return to play Bomber ball.

The Little Rock Ozark tournament turned into a great time as the Bomber’s Academy finished third, and both the Bomber’s Old Boys and Bombers side finished 1st in the tournament. You can read more about the tournament here.

This spring will be a tough season as both sides will each be playing up to five league matches to get to the playoffs. The big matches for the DII side will be against Tulsa (in Tulsa), and Omaha (at home), and the Hornets and Ramblers for the DIII side. You can check out the rest of the 2013 Spring schedule here.

“A great foundation has been created with a strong core group of players, and we look forward to the spring season where we can build upon that foundation and continue to increase the level of skill and understanding of all of our members, and strengthen the Bombers Rugby Club as a whole.” said Coach Ben Meyers. The Bombers want to represent St. Louis in both DII and DIII in Westerns and in a National Championship.

This Wednesday you can join John Kyle and all the rest of the Old Boys for a get together at Colomobo’s to toast off the Holiday season. The event starts at 2pm and won’t end until your wallets are empty or your wife/girlfriend calls. Hope to see everyone there.

Enjoy the mid-season break gents! Don’t forget to do some sort of off season training whether it’s running or weight lifting. You can find a workout plan by Will Wilson here. We will still have touch until the end of the November and will try to have basketball after Christmas.