U18 – U20

The St. Louis Bomber Rugby Football Club is more than just an adult sport club, but more of a chance to teach younger kids the game of Rugby.

About 2 years ago the Bombers introduced the idea of an Academy team with kids from surrounding high schools and colleges that would play in their own division. The benefit is that more young players have the ability to play in games rather than waiting for a position to open up on the club level. This doesn’t mean a young player can’t play in a club level game. If a player is talented enough they could in fact play and start on the club level side.

The Bombers have been fortunate to have great talent come through the club, but have also been great at recognizing potential talent and molding a good player into a great player. With great coaching and structure, the Bombers have sent many young kids into great College Rugby Programs to continue their rugby careers.

Recently the selection for both the U-18 and the U-20 teams were held and I’m happy to say that three young Bombers have made the teams. For the U-20 side both Dylan Latham and Kevin Dear have made the team starting as locks. Dylan and Kevin played for the Bombers while they were in high school and currently both play for Ron Laszewski at Lindenwood. You can read more about the U-20 selection here: http://www.rugbymag.com/age-grade-men/6908-u20-men-wrap-east-coast-camp.html

Mike Kellett rushing against a Kolhfeld player
Mike Kellett rushing against a Kolhfeld player

The U-18 side will have the pleasure of having Mike Kellett (Manchild) on their team. Mike has been selected as the Blind side Flanker and was ranked #1 for the position in try-outs. Kellett is currently a senior at DeSmet High School in St. Louis and has been playing with the Bombers for the last 2 years. Mike has great talent and works hard, but he has more passion for the game and to win than anyone else. Kellett size, speed, and knowledge of the game has been a great asset to the club as he has started in multiple club level games including the DIII and DII side. You can find plenty of photos of Mike in the game photos and a few videos.

The Bombers wish the best of luck to Kevin, Dylan, and Mike in their Rugby careers and look forward to them coming back and playing with the club.