2013 Soulard Open

caddyshackWith only one weekend left before the start of the spring season, we will be having the 2013 Soulard Open 9 hole pub golf in Soulard this Saturday. Team registration is at 4:30pm at the International Tap House with a prompt Tee off at 5:30pm. Golf attire is required and there are some rules that go along with the game.


  • Each Pub is a hole and as such has a par and a specified drink. Your score is the number of
    mouthfuls for the drink. The par and the drink will be specified for each hole
  • A mouthful (stroke) is defined as taking the glass to the mouth and drinking. When the glass
    leaves your mouth, or you stop drinking, your stroke has finished.
  • No player shall utter a single sound while the Fines Masters speak (a drinking fine will be
  • The Fine’s Masters’ decisions are always final
  • All teams will pair up, keeping drinks in sight of one another and keeping track of strokes
  • Golfers may rotate players from one hole to the next but no golfer is allowed to play more than
    two holes in a row
  • Golfers not wearing golfing attire will add points to their score
  • Straws are not allowed to be used at any point on the course
  • In the unlikely event of a tie both teams involved will partake in one playoff hole, racing against
    one another
  • Players are encouraged to attempt as many hole in ones as possible
  • Any drinks spilled will incur a penalty.
  • Drink substitution may be allowed at the Fine Masters’ discretion but will incur a penalty.
    Substitution must be same type of drink. May be played only twice per team
  • Teams may elect someone for a one time use as a joker on any one particular hole. Score for
    that hole shall be doubled.
  • If a hole has been designated a water hazard you are not allowed to use the restroom. Penalty
    for violation is playing the hole again. Total shots for both attempts will be tallied for score
  • Any drinks played outside the competition will not influence the score
  • These rules are subject to change without notice

If anyone has any questions, contact Alex Ochoa or Mike McMillion


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