League Play Begins

Ben Meyer reaches tall for line out
Ben Meyer reaches tall for line out

A little rain in the morning turning into clear skies full of sun and warmth made for a great day of rugby. Saturday was a big day for both sides as they opened up their League play against two very tough teams on our home field.

The DII side faced off against the Omaha GOATS with both teams going back and forth with kick chases. Both defenses played very strong but it was the Bombers to strike first with a try in the far corner. The score went back and forth as the GOATS took the lead in the second half. Off a line out deep in Omaha’s end, the Bombers drove and mauled the ball closer to the try zone. With less than two minutes left in the game the Bombers were able to score the winning try and beat Omaha 17-13 in one of the toughest game played.

vinny-kloc-omahaThe Bomber’s DIII side also had their first League game against the Hornets at our home field. The Bomber’s played strong defense keeping the Hornets out of the try zone, but gave up penalty kicks. Both were on the penalty kick craze but the Bombers kept the lead into the second half. The Hornets did not score a try until late in the second half and scored another quick try from the kick-off. The Bombers worked their way back into the Hornets zone but were unable to score as time expired and lost 21-16.

The DIII side has a make up game against Franklin County this Tuesday in Washington, MO at 7PM.  The DII will be traveling down to Tulsa next Saturday to take on Tulsa in another big League match.

Make sure to check back for updates and any news from the Bombers. Also don’t forget to get your tables together for the Bomber’s Trivia Night!

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