Week 2 of 7s

This Thursday, the 27th, will be the second round for the summer 7s season in Forest Park.

The first game is the Bombers2 vs. SMRFC2 set to kick off at 5:45pm. The Bombers1 team will face SMRFC1 right afterwards at 6:05pm.

The Bombers1 side has field set-up while Bombers2 will have the field take down. Try and get to the fields by 5:15 to setup and warm-up.

The rest of the schedule is below, along with the standings.

Bring your friends, family, and pets to Forest Park Thursday and enjoy some Rugby.

Don’t forget to sign up and get your teams together for this years Bombers Open, August 10th.

Bombers2: 3-0
Bombers1: 2-0
Rambers1: 1-1
Ramblers2: 1-1
SMRFC1: 1-1
Eureka Kings: 1-1
Kohlfeld: 1-1
Royals: 1-0
Hornets: 0-2
Rowdies: 0-2
SMRFC2: 0-2
Lindell Field Criket Field
Times Field 1 Field 2 Times
5:45 CBC SLU Bombers2 SMRFC2 5:45
6:05 Parkway Eureka Bombers1 SMRFC1 6:05
6:25 DeSmet Priory Rambers1 Eureka Kings 6:25
6:45 CBC Eureka Rambers2 Hornets 6:45
7:05 Parkway DeSmet Royals Rowdies 7:05
7:25 Priory SLU SMRFC2 Kohlfeld 7:25
7:45 SMRFC1 Rowdies Bombers2 Eureka Kings 7:45
8:05 Hornets Royals Bombers1 Rambers2 8:05
8:25 Rambers1 Kohlfeld 8:25