Memphis 7s

August 3rd was the annual Memphis Elvis 7s tournament in Memphis and is one of the most fun 7s tournaments to attend.

This year three St. Louis teams entered the tournament; SMRFC, Eureka Kings, and the St. Louis Bombers. The Bombers sent a team of 14 with some new and young guys to the tournament.

Team Bombers
Team Bombers

The Bombers won their pool winning all three games against Blue City Kings 37-0, Gryphons 24-12, and Memphis Blues III 37-0 and would be the #1 seed going into the playoffs.

All three St. Louis rugby teams would win their pools and advance to the playoffs. The Bombers would play the Gryphons again in the first playoff match and would be a lot tougher game than the first but the Bombers would win 24-21.

In the semi-finals the Bombers would face the Eureka Kings, who defeated SMRFC in their first playoff match. Eureka would be the first to score and held onto the lead for the majority of the game. Down by 5 Mark Menne would have a huge break away that lead to a try by Alex Ochao and conversion by Mark to win the game.

The Final match was the Bombers vs. the Baja Warriors. Baja would take the lead, but the Bombers would quickly tie the game back up. Being down by one try the Bombers were on the offensive with only a minute left in the game to tie and take the lead, but Baja would intercept the ball and take it in for the game ending try.

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Despite finishing second in the tournament it was still a very good day for the Bombers. The Bombers have finished in the top three the last three years of the tournament, including the year we had 5 forwards playing. We look forward to next year’s tournament.

Special thanks to Jeremy and Kate Baker for driving in from Kentucky to par-take in the tournament.

**Tyler Masters did not attend the tournament this year.

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