St. Louis Bomber's Apology

The St. Louis Bombers would like to apologize to anyone who was offended by the sign posted at our recent Golf outing. Such offensive language is deplorable and can no longer be tolerated in today’s society. We would like to offer our deepest apologies to anyone who is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgendered and ask that they not judge us as a whole based upon this singular action. We also wish to extend our sincere apologies to the St. Louis Ramblers Rugby Club for directing the sign towards them. The views reflected in that sign are not the views of the St. Louis Bombers organization and are not going to be tolerated going forward. While I would hope that the views and actions of one Alumni would not reflect upon the whole of the St Louis Bombers RFC organization, we realize that we are all judged by the individual actions of all of our members, past and present. As an organization that has had numerous openly gay members, started a women’s team, and sponsored a High School side, we truly value the inclusiveness and equality that sports can promote. One of the greatest aspects of this sport is that while we openly pummel and beat each other on the field, once the game is over, we eat, drink, socialize and thus become friends. These retrograde views diminish what in our opinion is one of the greatest parts of our game, and will reflect negatively on all of us who play and love Rugby. In this instance, we as an administrative staff failed in our oversight responsibility in preventing this sign from getting created and posted. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to prevent such reprehensible views from being promoted through the St. Louis Bombers or elsewhere. As the offense took place at our Golf Tournament Fundraiser, we will donate a portion of our proceeds from the event to Human Rights Campaign in order to help battle against these kinds of views. These views and actions cannot, and will, not be tolerated going forward.

St. Louis Bombers Rugby – President