Bombers Double Home Games

Gus Kemp reaching tall

Last weekend was a big weekend for the Bombers as both sides would face tough league matches. The Bombers B side, coming off their first league match and big victory beating SMRFC 46-15 the week before, would face the Hornets in their second league match. The Bombers A side, having a week off, would face KCRFC for their first home league match of the season.

Bombers vs. SMRFC Photos

The Hornets match started off with a quick try and conversion by the Bombers followed by a Hornets penalty kick making it 7-3. The Hornets would take the lead 10-7 with a try scored by Brian Saak from the back line. The Bombers would fight back and put up two quick scores off a scrum and shifty ball running and penalty kick by JD Stephenson giving a 24-13 lead at halftime.

The second half would start with a 70 meter run by the Hornet’s Brian Saak for a try on what most people would call a “questionable” call or “no call” for that matter (You know it’s bad when both teams are on agreement). Either way the game must continue and it ignited the Bombers into a scoring frenzy.

The DIII side would defeat the Hornets 50-27 and take their second victory of the season. Colin Fitzhenry from the Bombers and Brian Saak from the Hornets would receive man of the match.

Bombers vs. Hornets Photos

Colin Fitzhenry
Colin Fitzhenry

The DII match against KCRFC would be the second league match, but first home game for the A side Bombers.

The Bombers would score first with a try and penalty kick, but KCRFC would answer back with a big scrum driving into the try zone. The Bombers would struggle with scrums throughout the game as the new cadence was in affect.

The Bombers lead at half by five as the match tough for both teams. Sean McDonald would squib-kick the ball down the right side line and as he broke through the defensive line the ball popped up into his hands and took it in for a try.

The last 5 minutes of the game were the toughest minutes of all. The Bombers only had six point lead and KCRFC was deep in the Bombers zone. On the last play of the match, KCRFC would have the ball off a Bombers penalty and were setup for pods. KCRFC tried to run the ball outside of the Bombers pack line but was met by Zack Hawkins who put a stop to that. The Bombers would get the ball back after a ruck and kick it out to end the game. The Bombers would hold off KCRFC for a 27-21 win.

Next weekend is another big match for the DIII side as they face a very strong Royals team. This will be a great but tough match for both teams. The DII side will play Lindenwood in a friendly match after the DIII game. Kick off is at 1pm and both games are at Lucier Park.

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