Alumni Day

Over the weekend the Bombers had two home league matches for this year’s Alumni Day. The Bombers had setup a large tent with picnic tables, BBQ and ice cold beer provided by our sponsors.

Prior to both matches a moment of silence was observed in honor of two fallen ruggers from earlier in the week. Austen Lamb, 19, played for the Bombers Academy team under John Watson and was attending South East Missouri State. Austen was involved in an auto accident and died of his injuries later in the week. Charles Labry was attending Lindenwood University and part of the LU rugby team when he was killed in a separate auto accident. It’s hard to see two young athletes taken away so early and both will be greatly missed.

The DIII side took on the Scorpions in the first match of the day. The Scorpions were first to get onto the board with a drive from a lineout and take a 5-0 lead. The Bombers were quick to respond with a try and playing fast-hard defense and offense. The Bombers would only give up that first try in the game and go onto beating Kohlfeld 69-5. Man of the match for the forward went to Colin Fitzhenry and Paul Deutch for the backs.

The Bombers DII coming off a big win last weekend against KCRFC was looking to repeat against the Ramblers in the second match. The Bombers were strong in the scrums and controlled the lineouts. The backs were able to cut through the Rambler’s defense and the Bomber’s forwards slowed the Rambler’s offense.  The DII side would beat the Rambler with the final score 67-17. Taylor Driller received Man of the Match for the forwards with his strong defensive plays and Mark Menne for the backs.


Following the second match the Lindenwood Woman’s rugby team took the pitch to take on ISU. The LU Lions had a field conflict and were unable to play at Lindenwood University and so the Bombers offered their field for use. The LU Lions would beat ISU 74-0 in a very fun match to watch.

Bob Muckler - Ryan Colombo - Bob Harris
Bob Muckler – Ryan Colombo – Bob Harris

It was a good day for the Bombers as both sides not only won their games, but also acquired bonus points. The Alums also had a great time with their player raffle on who would get man of the match. The winners were given gift cards to Colombo’s Bar & Tavern from Ryan Colombo himself.


Next week is the last home game for the fall season on both sides. The DIII side will face the Hornets at 1pm and the DII will take on the Omaha GOATS at 3pm. Saturday night will be “Own the Bar Night” at Colombo’s Bar & Tavern from 5pm – midnight and the Bombers will receive half of the register during that time. There will also be auction items and drink specials throughout the night.

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