2015 Frontier Champions

The key to rugby is ball control; you control the ball, you control the game. One thing that was out of everyone’s control last weekend was Mother Nature. Field conditions were a bit on the soggy side after heavy rains and a few delays due to lightning but all games would eventually be played.

The Bomber’s first match was a repeat of last year’s playoffs taking on the Glendale Raptors in the first round. The Bomber’s knew this would be a tough battle but were determine not to repeat last year’s loss. Both teams fought hard but in the end the Bomber’s would win the first match 10-5. The Bombers would move on the second round and face either the KC Islanders or Park City Haggis for the championship.

The KC Islanders would hold off Park City 8-7 and move onto the championship round to face the Bombers.

This would be the third time this season that both teams would face off against each other. Both teams have wins against each other with the Bomber’s winning the spring match.

KC would be the first to score and hold out the Bombers 10-0 in the first half. The second half would be a complete 180 as the Bombers would not allow KC to past mid-field keeping the game deep in KC zone. The Bombers would go on and put up 20 unanswered points to take the win, the Frontier Championship, and move onto the Elite 8.

The Elite 8 will be held in San Francisco May, 30th and 31st. The Bomber’s first match will be against Life West Gladiators on Saturday. Life West is coming off a big win against Snake River to make it to the Elite 8. Saturday’s match for both teams will be a tough one.

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RugbyToday Frontier Championship

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