Club Update – Winter Practice

After coming off the best season the Bombers have had, going undefeated in the 2nd half the season and reaching the DII National Championship last June in Glendale, CO. It wasn’t easy getting to the National Championship as each team was tougher than the last, but the boys kept getting up and kept moving forward.

At the end of the regular league season the Bombers had put up 388 points, 231 for the A-Side and 157 for the B-Side. In the postseason the Bombers put up more than half of their regular season points with 146 while giving up 132; totalling 534 points for the entire club.

The Bombers fought hard against a very talented and youthful Life Running Eagles team for the Championship. But despite being very physical and first on the board the Bombers would fall 50-24 against the Eagles, finishing second in the Nation.

The Bombers would like to thank all of our fans, sponsors, family and friends who not only made the trip to both Phoenix and Glendale (which we had the biggest crowd), but also to those who donated to help offset travel costs for the club and players. With your help we raised close to $20,000!!


The start of the 2017-2018 season started off with one phrase, “Back to Nationals”. The defeat was still fresh in the minds of the players and they knew that it’s going to take a lot of hard work to have another shot at the Title.

The A-side would finish the fall season 3-1 with the only loss to the Royals, 31-34 and the B-side with a lot of new faces and would finish 2-2 for the fall.

Both sides are looking forward to the spring season, which starts late February, but in the meantime winter practice is starting up on Wednesday, December 13th.

Practice will be held at Midwest Soccer Academy every Wednesday starting at 6:30pm sharp and finishing around 8pm. 5274 Flyer Ave. St. Louis, MO 63139

Midwest Soccer Academy Map

It is an indoor facility and players are encouraged to wear rubber cleats or tennis shoes. Players can arrive at 6pm to play touch or warm up before hand and anyone is welcome to join. The Bombers are always looking for new recruitments with any skill level.

Again the Bombers would like to thank all of our fans, family, friends, and sponsors who helped keep this club going and enjoy the game of rugby!

If you’d like to donate or become a sponsor simple click the “Donate” button or the Sponsors link for inquiries.