Ben Meyers and Aaron Spencer are currently the Head Coaches of the St. Louis Bombers. Both Ben and Aaron have played with the Bombers in earlier years when the club was Super League and have come back to coach and in the case of Ben Meyers be an active player. Fall 2012 season was the start for both as Coaches and their team plan is based around a strong defensive line.

John McBride was the previous Head Coach of the St. Louis Bombers. John has a storied rugby career which started with the Oklahoma City rugby club in 1992. He started playing with the Bombers in the fall of 1993 retiring in 2010. John captained the Bombers for ten years. During this tenure the Bombers won three Division I Western championships, five Division I sweet sixteen appearances and entry into the Super League. John was selected to the West All star team in 1997 and played with the West until 2006. The West enjoyed three NASC championships during this period. John also was captian of the West for four years. In 1998 John was selected to the USA Eagles which he earned 12 caps during his three years with the team.

President – Dan Ward

Vice President of Operations – Adam Pyke

Vice President of Fundraising – John Wolf

Secretary – Neal Ford

Treasurer – Joe Auger

Social Chair – Dan Bellavia

Match Secretary – Tyler Masters

Head Coach –  Ben Meyers

Alumni and Old Boy Organizers –  JK and Dixy

Youth Rugby Coordinator –  Charlie Milton

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