Rookie Info

The St. Louis Bombers welcome any and all to the sport of Rugby, whether you are in High School, College, out of College, or you’ve played in your earlier years and would like to get back into the game; All ages are welcomed!

The Bombers have three teams; A DII, DIII, and an Academy side which gives everyone a chance to play a lot of rugby.

If you are new to rugby or have played for another team, all players MUST be CIPPed before playing in any rugby match. Being CIPPed means that you are registered to USA Rugby and allowed to play in league, playoff, and championship matches.  If you are CIPP’d with a previous team you must request a transfer from your previous team. All we need is just basic information from you to register &  we can assist you with this.

Also if you are new to rugby, your dues are half for the first season.

The best way to get into the sport is to come out to a practice session. All you need is athletic shoes,  water, and a mouth guard. If you don’t have rugby cleats don’t worry, any old soccer or football cleats will do just fine.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Michael McMillon or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

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