2013-2014 Season Recap

The 2013-2014 season came to an end early May when the Bombers traveled up to Colorado to take on Glendale in the DII playoffs.

The Bombers faced Glendale last year in Omaha for Westerns and both teams were looking for a rematch.

Glendale came out strong with two quick tries, but the Bombers were quick to respond with a line-out drive to put the Bombers on the board. The Bombers struggled on defense to contain as Glendale was quick to move the ball from the Bombers forward pack out to the wings.

Exhaustion and heat became to settle in, but deamination was still in the hearts of the Bombers as they started to mount a couple back to back tries in the second half closing the gap to ten points.

In the remaining minutes of the match, Glendale put two more tries in sealing the win and beating the Bombers 51-34. The loss was tough as it meant the end of the season but the Bombers showed their support for a fellow rugger Kevin Ogar with the “OgarStrong” t-shirts. Kevin Ogar suffered an injury at a cross-fit competition paralyzing him from the waist down and since many of the current players are friends of Ogar, the Bombers wanted to help his cause. You can find more information about his cause on his website, kevinogar.com


The Bombers DII finished the season off 6-6 overall, 6-2 in league play while the Bombers DIII side finished 6-5 overall and 5-5 in league play.

It was a great season for both sides, but ended too early despite having a strong first half of the season.

The Bombers will continue to improve and work hard as we get ready for next season. 15s may be done for now but 7s are starting up and the first match in Forest Park is June 5th. Practice as all ready started and the Bombers look to have a couple competitive sides as Cam Wyper takes the head coaching position for 7s.

The Bombers are always looking for talented people of any age who want to play the best rugby in St. Louis.

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