**UPDATE** 2013 Spring Opener

STLOUISBOMBERSFirst off, the Saturday game against Franklin Country has been POSTPONED due to field conditions and will be made up March 12th at 7:00pm in Washington MO under the lights.

Second, this Sunday the Bombers will face off against Sunday Morning in a friendly match at Marquette Park. There will be a full 80 minute Black side game followed by two 30 minute half for the White side. All players should arrive to Marquette Park by 11:30AM and everyone will get playing time. Kick off is at 1:00PM and we’re expecting a big crowd so get their early. Weather looks to be a bit chilly so dress warm, but will be a great day for rugby.

With the postponement of the Saturday game we have the opportunity to have a lot of guys play and get ready for the league matches. All players should show up at 11:30AM to the field and be prepared to play.

So bring your friends, wives, kids, dogs, family, and some drinks and enjoy some good ole’ rugby!

2013 Schedule