League Play

The Bombers DII opened up their first league match against the KC Blues DII side in Columbia, Missouri a few weeks back, while the DIII side would face the Rowdies the following week.

Originally the game only to be a league match for the Bombers and a friendly for KC but since their schedule is mostly DII level teams it became a league match for both sides.

The first half was a slow go as the Bombers were only able to put up 8 points with a try my Matt Brotemarkle and a penalty kick early on my Tyler Masters.

The Blues were able to get on the board in the second half with a try and successful conversion. The Bombers would score another try but give up two penalties as the Blues cut the score down to 15-13 with 20 minutes left in the game.

Bombers would scrum from their own 5 and fault to a penalty to which KC scored making it 20-15 KC after the successful conversion with 10 minutes left. The Bombers would pin KC deep in their end after the kick off. The Bombers would maul a line-out from the Blue’s 5 meter line and take it in for the try. The kick was good tying the game up 20-20 with minutes left.

Five minutes left in the match and both teams running on empty it was do or die. Bombers would capitalize on Blues mistakes and play some of the most composed ball. Swinging the ball from side of the field to the other where Brian Bage would take it in a try. With Tyler’s kick good, the Bombers would win 27-20 against a very good KC team.


After the first win the DIII squad was looking to repeat the DII’s victory.

Within the first four minutes of the match the Bombers would go on the board first with a try scored by Dan McGee and a good conversion made by Scott Hanify taking a 7-0 lead.

The Bombers would score three more tries with Rico Felton(2), and Jacob Prater before the Rowdies would take the ball on an 80 meter run down the sideline for their first try. Scott Hanify would score another try off a quick tap before half making it 31-5 at half.

Rowdies started off strong in the second half going deep and pining the Bombers back in the end. The Bomber’s fought hard and worked with way back down the field resulting in a try by Alex Scarato. Five minutes later the Bombers would score again off a 5 meter line out from Scott Hanify to Jacob Prater for his second try of the day.

The Bombers defense played very well keeping the Rowdies out of their end. The Bombers would score two more tries, one from Tyler Master’s with a long 40 meter run and the other from Dylan Latham. The Bomber’s DIII would win their first league match 55-5 and earning bonus points.


This weekend the DIII squad has another big match as their take on the Hornets in their second league match of the season. Each game is extremely important, as the DIII teams will only play each other once this season.

Kick off is set for 1PM at the Cricket Fields in Forest Park. Weather is looking great and should be a perfect day for rugby!

To the All Mighty Bombers!

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